In keeping with our mission, we offer online resources with the goal of creating an online community of practice for socially conscious creators and knowledge-sharers.

Artist Armory seeks freelance writers and researchers to submit resources on a rolling basis. Resource authors are paid a fee per resource, and will be given the opportunity to develop their “resource catalog,” and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. While each online resource is exclusive to Artist Armory, each writer will be given credit as an author. Artist Armory will provide support by helping to shape ideas into possible resources, provide guidance on tone and language, create downloadable tools based on written or video content, and promote each resource and author. There are three kinds of resources that can be submitted.



Primers are foundational resources meant to distill a single subject or issue into more accessible language, with the goal of encouraging creators to learn more about this issue and discover new ways to incorporate this issue into their work. These primers are not meant to be exhaustive of a subject, but an introduction and a source of potential inspiration for future works.

Length: 1500-5000 words


For working artists, artist spotlight courses provide an opportunity for artists creating socially conscious works to share lessons that they have learned in their careers with other artists. These courses are meant to help foster a robust community of practice. Artists can also work with Artist Armory editors to create a resources.

These resources can be discussed with Artist Armory to determine what a course author feels comfortable discussing and how to ensure the course ties in with the overall mission. Most focus on either examining a single tool or technique across multiple works by the artist, or diving deep into a single work to explore the creative process, challenges, and opportunities.

Length: 2000-5000 words (5 modules)



For authors that do not identify as artists, but have subject matter expertise that is valuable and applicable to artists creating socially conscious works. All of these resources must assist in helping artists create new works, in keeping with Artist Armory’s mission. Writers and researchers who do not consider themselves subject matter experts (SME) can partner with and interview an SME and share resource credit.

Length: 1300-5000 words (3-4 modules)

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