Artist Armory is a nonprofit community where creators and knowledge-sharers can collaborate to create informed works that raise awareness of social issues and tell new kinds of stories.

Artist Armory seeks to erase the barriers that prevent artists from creating socially conscious creative works. We make complex topics accessible by building relationships between artists, subject matter experts, and organizations committed to social causes, sponsor projects that humanize social change and promote civil discourse, and develop impactful artists of all ages through education and professional development opportunities.

Frances Gonzalez photo

Frances Gonzalez

Founder and Executive Director

Frances Gonzalez has over ten years of experience with government agencies, nonprofits, and PACs. She is an expert in public messaging for social causes, and has managed message partnerships between artists, public figures, companies, and nonprofits. She has created messaging for causes including progressive politics, climate change, women and girls, public health, childhood obesity, early education, economic development and more. Her work with the rap artist Logic  resulted in international attention to suicide prevention, groundbreaking research in media and mental health, and a Clio Award for Social Good Music Marketing. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees major decisions and ensures that the work is in service of our mission.

Shelley L. Etzine

Michael Trapani

Kelsey Rauber

David Lasky

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